Make more money with the bank that believes you can.
Make more money with the bank that believes you can.

Small, Medium Enterprises (SME)

Regardless of the business focus, be it in manufacturing or services, the SME Bank can help you grow your business.

We offer the following conventional products and services:

  • Working Capital for the purchase of raw materials and overheads and pre-operating costs.
  • Revolving working capital loan gives you a line of credit which can be paid off over one to five years. Once you have repaid 25% of the loan, you can withdraw funds up to the original limit, without affecting your monthly repayments.
  • Term Loans/Leasing/Hire Purchase for Asset Acquisition (factory, building, furniture/fittings, computers, machinery & equipment and vehicles).
  • Bank Guarantees/Letter of Credit/Trade Finance a flexible financing solutions to assist SMEs comply with tender requirements and access to funding after the Tender process.
  • Start-up funding for starting up a new business venture or diversifying your business.
  • Invoice discounting is a financing mechanism by which the business owner sells his/her rights to future invoice payments to the SME Bank. The SME Bank pays the business owner immediately, takes over the invoice and collects the money from the debtor when the invoice is due for payment. The difference between invoice amount and the amount paid to the business owner is the discount, i.e. the fee charged by the SME Bank.
  • Franchise Acquisition
  • Asset Finance is the provision of finance for business assets with the particular assets being used as part or full security for the finance. It can therefore be used to finance the acquisition of these assets, or to release capital tied up in such assets within your business.


  • Mentorship and advisory services
  • Easy to apply
  • Flexible Loan options
  • Flexible loan tenor
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager to cater to your business needs
  • SME Silver Account *
  • SME Gold Account *
  • SME Platinum Account *


  • Namibian ID/ Valid passport of shareholders, directors or sole owner
  • Business documents
  • Proof of business registration
  • Founding statement

* Terms and Conditions Apply